Our Projects

Rotary Club of Nairobi Milimani

Improving Health care Services in Kenya through Tele-health Technology

Rotary Club of Milimani in partnership with E-club Silicon Valley Smart Village, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) A Rotary club of Los-Altos (California, USA), Branson-Hollister (Missouri, USA, Rotary District 5170 (California, USA, appreciating that there are not enough doctors to support even the most rudimentary health care services developed a project to partner with Global Telehealth Network (GDN), a non-profit organization of volunteers physicians and other health care professional to offer online consultation to assist heath workers in medically under-served areas in Narok area and Siaya areas.
The project being highly technical, all our IT Guru’s lead by Rotarian Rose Fina Barasa, PR director George Kigo and Rtn Sir Paul Peter Esq were at hand to offer the much-needed technical advice and support. Rotarian Dan Ogolla wearing two hats, as the Director of Matibabu foundation and a member of Rotary club of Milimani, together with our PE Jackie Musyoka took the lead in providing the project management skills befitting of a project with such high complexity and highly technical in nature. The role played by our IPP Dr Phillip Simani, who understood the operating medical environment and policies, was crucial during the project development stage. Our legal minds also felt they would not be left behind and our PP Beauttah Siganga was always at hand to review all our MOU’s and project documents to ensure that the documents we append our signature’s to are coherent and in line with our club principles both in spirit and content.
Furaha Community Secondary school Sanitation project: 36,147USD
A Water purification project and storage tanks for Furaha Community Secondary School and surrounding areas, with the objective of installing a purification system, storage for 100,000 liters, a biodigester and toilets for proper hygiene and sanitary standards for the students, staff, and provision of water for the sur3 rounding area.
Two “kick” off meetings were held with our partners from Rotary club of Napa Sunrise and Management of Furaha community Secondary school in October to review the project objectives, the MOU and adequacy of the funding. It was also a good time to review the roles of the various partners, assign responsibilities and develop project implementation timelines The project committee, led by our past president Maina Muturi, worked tirelessly to have this project kick off with the plans to have the works started and completed before the close of January 2022.
Past President Iqbal Janowalla faithfully goes beyond Call of Duty provided the much-needed technical advice during the project design and will continue to offer the same during its implementation.
Lions Ngoswani Community Maternal and child hospital water harvesting $74,731. In partnership with The Rotary club of South Haven, Chelan, East Lansing and Union City.
Ngoswani is Rain is water harvesting project with the main objective of provision of potable water to the Lions Ngoswani Hospital in Narok, Kenya, by installing a rainwater harvesting system, a six hundred thousand litres underground reinforced concrete water tank and an out-patient outdoor toilets and handwashing facilities.
The club Treasurer Joshua Okeyo, an accountant by profession and a financial guru, is taking the lead in the project. Rtn. Joshua will ensure that the financial management policies and procedures are adhered to at all times during the project implementation.
The Dedication of the Project committee members our own Rotarian Annetta Wanjala, project director Ian Gichuru, Past President Beauttah Siganga made it possible for a smooth project planning sessions, and we are now ready to break ground in November. Kudos to the team members. This being a construction project, the past President Iqbal will continue playing the critical role of supervising the project

Scholarship Project

The Director of Scholarship, Maria Redmond, continues to hold the docket with the utmost professionalism required of the scholarship docket. During the short school break, the students had an opportunity not only to interact with one another, but also with the director for words of wisdom and encouragement. A job well done, Maria.
It was also a time for when progress reports were shared with love and appreciation with the Partners from Rotary Club of Emsdetten, Rotary Club of Langley and Iver, and Bridge of Hope Foundations

Peace Project

Children’s Peace Project in Samburu and Baringo Counties in Kenya.
This Project started in 2017 with the main objective of the grant being to cultivate peace in Northern Kenya, which has suffered for years from interethnic conflict and violence.
The showstopper for the month of October was the trip to Baragoi, Where the Club Treasurer Joshua Okeyo led a team of very dedicated and energic “Milimanian’s” to Northern Kenya for the Project Monitoring and Evaluation.
The Team set off on the 2nd of October 2021 and stayed there through to the 9th of October 2021. The trip was not only long and tiring, but included living under very harsh and insecure conditions. This trip required more than dedication. The time invested and commitment by Rotarian Joshua, Okeyo, Ngari Wangari and Joseph Wekesa is not only humbling but requires commendation. The feedback from the team that visited Baragoi was very encouraging and at the same time heartbreaking. My take home was that Rotary is making a difference, but the needs of the community are many and overwhelming, and we therefore need to be very deliberate and targeted in our interventions in order to have maximum positive impact. Clearly there is need to do more, and we can do more for this community. Can we stand up and be counted?
Children Peace Initiative in Kenya
Children Peace Initiative (CPI) Kenya is a Peace organization that works in Samburu and Baringo counties. The organization works with Children and families to promote peace and reconciliation among the pastoralist communities affected by conflict.
CPI Kenya engages children in a series of Inter-community peace processes and through them increases contact between members of neighbouring communities that are engrossed interethnic conflict. CPI Kenya has been implementing a peace project with the Turkana and Samburu community in Baragoi, Samburu county with funds from Rotary International and in collaboration with Rotary Club of Milimani in Nairobi.
The project is executed in three conflict sites in Baringo and Samburu Counties. Covid-19 pandemic affected timely implementation of the activities, leading to long break between execution of activities. In August 2021 CPI team mobilized the community and the schools for the upcoming activities after a long time. It was encouraging to note that despite almost two years of no contact due to Covid-19 related guidelines, the Samburu and Turkana children and families targeted by the project have been exploring alternative ways of maintaining contact, especially through letter writing and making phone calls to their friends from villages with network phone signals.

Inter - Community Children Peace Exchange Holiday Program

This peace activity took place from 2nd - 10th October 2021. The activity targeted the children from Samburu and Turkana communities in Baragoi, Samburu North Sub-County, Samburu County. In total, 131 children (60 from Samburu Community and 71 from Turkana community) and 6 teachers, 6 cooks, two watchmen and two matrons were engaged. The cooks and the matrons were representing both Samburu and Turkana communities. It is important to note that 3 rotarians from the Rotary Club of Milimani who were representing the Rotary International which was the main sponsor of the project were present at the event the entire time

Activity Logistics and Community Engagement

The event brought together participants from six schools namely; Lesirikan, Bendera and Ngilai Primary Schools from Samburu community and Natiti, Lenkima and Nachola Primary schools from Turkana community. The children from each school were accompanied by a teacher In order to observe conflict sensitivity and ethnic balance in service provision 6 cooks (2 women and 4 men) from both Samburu and Turkana communities, were hired to prepare meals for the children during the activity. The 5 days event took place at Nachola Primary children to the surroundings of the Turkana village of Nachola.
The Turkana children took their samburu friends to visit their parents at home. After the visits, gifts were exchanged including but not limited to chicken, money, artifacts, guards, vegetables and fruits, confectionaries etc.
Talks on the importance of peaceful coexistence and how friendship between children and families can contribute to inter community peace.
Tree Planting
RC Milimani has been involved in the mega project of planting in conjunction Rotary Kenya and Kenya Forest Service to plant 1 Million trees countrywide in 2021-2021 Rotary year.
Every school holiday, RC Milimani conducts a mentorship program at St. Catherine's Mukuru Primary School; a school from which it also picks children for its flagship scholarship project.
Free Medical Camps
Rotary Club of Milimani, in partnership with other institutions, also conducts annual free medical camps in Mukuru Slams plus other marginalized areas where healthcare is a big challenge.