Rotary Club of Milimani

Rotary Club of Nairobi Milimani

Rotary is a global charity organization doing good to humanity. Have a look at the below one minute video in order to get the idea. You can learn more about this global movement by clicking Rotary International. Rotary Club of Milimani is just one of the over 32000 clubs globally that form part of Rotary International. We are situated in Nairobi Kenya.

Rotary Club of Nairobi Milimani

Rotary Club of Milimani, club number 25461, was chartered on 3rd June 1988, having been sponsored by Rotary Club of Nairobi with charter president being Rotarian Seyi Lufadeju. Since inception, the club has grown mightily to become one of the most vibrant, effective and productive in district 9212.

Our Work

Rotary Club of Milimani contributes massively to the well-being of the community through various projects like Scholarship, Water & Sanitation (like in the photo alongside), Free Medical Camps, Peace Building among others. We meet every Wednesday from 12:30pm to 2:00pm either via zoom or at Nairobi Club. Visit us.
Some of our work
Here are some of the activities we have been engaging in including supporting basic education, water and sanitation projects, etc.

Rotary Club of Nairobi Milimani Board

Current Board of Directors 2021-2022. From left, standing are PE Jackie Musyoka, Rotarian (Rtn.) Joshua Okeyo (Finance Director), Past President(PP), SC. Beauttah Siganga  (Foundation Director), Rtn. Peninah Njakwe (New Generation), Rtn. Annette Wanjala (Secretary), Rtn. Jackie Njeru (Club Admin), Rtn. George Kigo (PR), Assistant Governor (AG), PP Sammy Itemere (Fundraising). Sitting down from right is IPP Dr. Philip Simani followed by President Pamela Odera and her husband.